Full cycle product development since 2011

We’ll build your product from scratch or join the existing team. We’ve hired technically strong engineers who speak your language and respect your timezone. The companies from 17 countries already work with us.

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02 Tech Expertise We are experts in

Frontend development

Mobile Applications

Backend and API

WordPress development


03 Culture Code Manifesto, Mission, Values


We build a no-bullshit company. No Secrets, no lies, transparent, accountable, driven by facts, respectful to all. Openness in every aspect.

We love being tech-oriented and this infuses everything we do.

We believe being people-centric motivates and inspires much better than policies and control.

We are committed to being learning-driven, changing with the world, changing the world.

  • Our Mission

    To develop high-tech products the world and future you will be proud of.

    Shared understanding in every aspect

    Nobody has a monopoly on the truth. Decisions are made together and actions are reasoned on all the levels.

    Building quality products

    The things we do determine who we are, create our reputation step by step and reflect our eternal pursuit of excellence.

    Learning never stops

    We believe gaining knowledge is a continuous process and help you invest in your education for mutual benefit.

    Embracing challenges

    We say interesting instead of complicated, challenging instead of impossible.
  • People over processes

    We encourage independent decision-making and believe in the power of freedom and responsibility.

    Sharing is caring

    We share our experience — successes and failures — to help others learn and grow.

    Building long-term relationships

    Both our employees and clients are the people we want to work with long-term.

    Learn, make impact, have fun

    We always support initiative, awareness, quality, spirit and creativity. As simple as it sounds.

04 facts about fusionworks Our first 10 years in numbers:

17 Countries work with us
109 Products developed
58 Clients trust us
165 IT events organized

05 Why FusionWorks? Reasons to work with us

  • 01
    We do full-cycle product development
  • 02
    We are up-to-date with new technologies.
    We simply love them
  • 03
    We have all-inclusive rates and flexible conditions
  • 04
    We speak English. Always. Everywhere
  • 05
    We respect your business hours and accommodate them
  • 06
    We can travel to your location with no need for visas
  • 07
    We can offer a dedicated Account Manager
  • 08
    We prepare teams quickly due to the exclusive access to the local IT community
  • 09
    We do internships and grow talents in-house

07 Our work Portfolio Highlights

09 Solutions On-demand delivery solutions


Revolutionary delivery marketplace solution that features the whole set of software required to set up your own delivery business. The platform takes up to 4 days to install and includes a maintenance package.

Merchant apps

Easy-to-use solution for restaurants and shops that can be used on tablets and mobile phones. Allows them to get and process the orders that come from different ordering sources. Can be integrated with any 3rd party systems.

Driver apps

An application for the couriers to get and deliver the orders. The application is easily used while driving or rushing to complete the order and excludes unintended mistakes while using it. It works even on low-end devices that couriers often use.

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