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On3 is a leader in college sports, delivering trusted news, analysis, data, and insights to fans, athletes, schools, and brands.
Big Data|Government|Technology


A data aggregation, processing and visualization platform. Polyteia aggregates relevant data from various kinds of enterprise software. After the data is uploaded it is sorted, combined, and analysed. Decision makers profit from the processed data in form of KPIs, analyses, forecasts, and automated reports.


VEXT aims to provide a platform for students to share, connect, and collaborate on academic writing assignments. Helping students in their journey to become better writers, more globally connected thinkers, and great collaborators.

MAN Deutschland Driver app

MAN Digital Services offers digital solutions for the transport and logistics sector. From fleet and maintenance management to driver support – the services document and analyse operational data and information on your drivers and vehicles, helping you to increase overall economy and optimise your business.
mobile|Transport and Logistics


AI that automatically detects damages using photos and produces a professional vehicle repair estimate with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Eadon Law

Lawyers landing page with a blog integrated into it. Users are able to find all the information about what kind of cases the firm had and quickly contact them via tawk live chat.

The School of Government and Technology

The School of Government and Technology creates an inter-organizational virtual learning community for federal, state, and local government officials and improves access to high-quality complementary learning – for everyone, everywhere.
AI/ML|web|Transport and Logistics


The global leader in vehicle lifecycle management. Asset intelligence accelerates business success as we started transforming the insurance industry in 1966 with the digital processing of insurance claims. Now, with more than 1 million daily global transactions, we’re changing the way vehicle insurers, repairers, dealers, and fleets provide value to their customers.
web|Data processing|Government

Stolen travel documents reporting system

The system is used to identify and report the stolen travel documents cases and was developed for the Moldova Interpol department and Ministry of Home Affairs

Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn is a learning experience platform that makes learning easy and engaging thus more effective. It helps trainers create or curate courses, keep track of progress and nudge learners to complete. It is rated 4.8/5 on G2crowd and has won many awards for the best software in multiple categories.