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Empy.io – all-in-one HR tool for small and medium companies. The product helps management synchronize with the employees and handle all the internal requests in one single place. If an employee needs a vacation, to work from home, is late or ill – he sends the request in Empy and the system notifies the responsible team members who will handle those inquiries.


Making staff management easy and automated through technology and experience.


This project started because we as a team felt the need to automate the daily routines of people notifying management about them being late, ill, or being in need of a day or a couple of days of vacation. Also, we realized that having an archive of when and for how long people requested certain services would be great.


We designed a tool that was mobile-first, fast, and easy to use. You can request or notify management about your needs in a matter of seconds. You can also request vacation or office equipment in advance so management would be aware of your needs and respond in time.

Laravel MySQL PHP Vue.js