FoodTech solutions

We offer white-label ordering and delivery solutions for restaurants and online businesses. All components come with top-notch features and lifetime support.

All-in-one super app

We offer an e-commerce and delivery platform that includes the solutions for an enterprise to run its e-commerce business. All the applications are easy to install and customize and include a maintenance package.

The solution features a set of white-label software including mobile and web applications, driver apps, an order management system, and an administration panel.

For our customers we configure the whole platform in 7 days. After that, they run their e-commerce and delivery business with our continuous support.


We offer an automatic delivery marketplace solution that allows people to order in 60 seconds and the delivery is being made in 15-30 minutes. This is achieved by big data analysis and automatic AI algorithms implemented in the web and mobile apps for clients, deliverymen, restaurants, shops, operators and administration.

Main features:

  • food and drinks ordering from restaurants;
  • goods ordering from shops;
  • shared group order;
  • order live tracking and notifications;
  • discounts and special offers;
  • orders history;
  • favorite addresses;
  • foods/goods search and categorization;
  • card and cash payments.

Order management system

Easy-to-use solution for restaurants and shops that can be used on tablets and mobile phones. Allows them to get and process the orders that come from different ordering sources. Can be integrated with any 3rd party systems.

Main features:

  • receiving and processing orders;
  • setting time intervals for each step;
  • managing restaurant branches;
  • goods management;
  • orders tracking.

Driver Application

An application is used by the couriers to get and deliver the orders. The main idea was to create an application that can be easily used while driving or rushing to complete the order and that excludes unintended mistakes while using it. Also, it was important for the app to work even on low-end devices that couriers often use. To better test and understand the workflow, our technical team is regularly working as delivery men.

Main features:

  • receiving, processing, and delivering orders;
  • ability to deliver several orders at a time;
  • maps and routing;
  • order history and earnings.

Administration panel

Panel for the operators, dispatchers, and administrators to receive, distribute, and track the orders, as well as manage restaurants, menus, couriers, etc. Covers all the changes you may need to make for the whole delivery platform to operate.

Main features:

  • restaurants/suppliers management;
  • products management;
  • couriers management;
  • automatic and semi-automatic couriers assignment;
  • orders management;
  • users management;
  • discounts and special offers management;
  • reporting system;
  • system configuration;
  • transactions tracking.

Integrations and APIs

The unified API is used throughout the platform, providing a solid data source among all the applications. Is used internally as well as for custom integrations with third-party systems.


  • VIPPS MobilePay payments;
  • McDonald’s custom integration;
  • Stripe payments;
  • KFC custom integration;
  • Deliverect;
  • Restaurant POS terminals;
  • API for all the system components.