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HR and recruitment


An interactive job board where employers post their job openings and employers apply online. Easy, fast, and targeted. And a recruitment agency with over 20,000 candidates at work every week. We have the largest database of young people in Europe and are easier to find online than any other Dutch employment agency. Part of The Works.
Big Data|mobile|web|Finance


Your personal finance advisor. Manage all your accounts from a single place and receive pro-active advice on areas that can be improved.
Big Data|mobile|web|Finance

Salt Edge

Salt Edge Inc. is an innovative company specialized in FinTech. It brings simplicity and automation to everyone – from end-users to businesses, FinApps, and Financial Institutions.
Big Data|web|BioTechnology


BioDatomics provides powerful yet intuitive bioinformatics tools that help genomic and biomedical researchers glean insights from their data more quickly.
web|Food & Drinks|Lifestyle

Cookbook Create

Cookbook Create lets you publish beautiful cookbooks filled with your favorite recipes and memories. It’s easy: organize, collect, and share recipes through our website and then compile them into customized cookbooks that are sure to delight.