FusionWorks is launching a global recruitment platform – Talents.Tech

Mar 1, 2023

FusionWorks is launching a new product – Talents.Tech – a worldwide staffing and recruitment platform that connects businesses with the technical talent they need. Talents.Tech is an extension of what we do at FusionWorks – now we are not only building our strong technical team, but also helping other companies to do that.

Thanks to our 12-year experience in software development and a team capable of conducting full-cycle interviews, we are better than many on the market in selecting talented IT specialists for the business needs of other companies. Having previously encountered similar services, we found that they generate minimal added value using raw LinkedIn databases and outsourced specialists for technical interviews. And here is where we make the difference. More about the advantages of our approach you can read in the article written by our HRD – The New Era of Remote Talent Acquisition.

We’re proud to offer a solution to businesses’ challenges when trying to find top technical talent. Whether you’re a start-up, established company, or enterprise, Talents.Tech can help you find the team you need to grow and succeed. If you are interested in working with external IT teams – you are more than welcome.

Why working with us and what makes us special

First, it’s important to mention that our platform was built by a team both proficient in software and business development that helped us to have the product at the intersection of technology and business.

Professionally screened candidates. Our team tests all the candidates and scores everyone based on his/her skills and experience.

The vast range of specialists. We offer teams and individuals skilled in different tech-related domains from development and DevOps to quality assurance and design.

Small service fee. An automated process with reduced time and effort spent on manually reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates helps us save your budget on our services.

AI-based matching. AI algorithms optimize search efficiency and increase diversity in the candidate pool, excluding biases that human recruiters may have.

Speed and service. We are offering the candidates immediately after request received and form the teams within a few weeks.

Modern methods. The ability to identify candidates that may not have been found through traditional recruitment methods, such as passive job seekers.

Wish us good luck in continuously disrupting the industry!