5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Productivity

“Let’s Work Smarter, Not Harder” — FusionWorks

If you work hard and spend a lot of time on an elementary task, it does not mean that you are productive. Firstly let’s try to analyze what productivity is.

Productivity is commonly defined as a ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs. Or, the rapport between completed tasks and the time spent while completing them. Employee productivity (sometimes referred to as workforce productivity) is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers. Typically, the productivity of a given worker will be assessed relative to an average for other employees doing similar work.

Now, when we have an idea of the productivity concept we may think about the ways to improve it. Try the following and you will definitely increase efficiency! Let’s start working smarter instead of harder:

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1) Finish planning. Start acting.

It’s good to take the time to plan your actions, but you can waste too many hours just planning. Check what you have to do and don’t wait, start! If you count tens of thousands of times the activities you have to undertake, you gain nothing. Avoid friendship with procrastination, break with it! You can do it. Start the activity. A small step is still a move forward.

2) Meetings can last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Are all the meetings so important? Who counted how many hours a week he/she spends for: on the way to/from the meeting, unimportant discussions, boring people? If you have what to skip, do it. But if you are sure of the importance of all meetings, drop them on time. Half an hour is the perfect time to find out the latest news, decide and go on happily.

3) Say YES only to the important things.

Someone said that the difference between a successful man/woman and a very successful one is the ability to say NO. Every time we agree to do something for another person, we waste our time on activities that have absolutely nothing to do with our mission and goals. As a result, we are unhappy. We have not achieved anything important. We are tired — half a day has passed for nothing. And we are depressed — we do not find meaning in what we do. We can achieve more if we only get involved in what matters, we know exactly what we do when we do it and why we do it.

4) Free your mind.

Our brains are overworked. We bombard them with all kinds of information and more and more voluminous. Why do we remember what we only need for a very short time? Why were all kinds of diaries invented? When we want our computer/phone to work faster, we get out of all sorts of unnecessary applications, as well the mind works. Everything we can write — meetings, classes, topics for discussion, questions, etc. — write down instead of trying to memorize.