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At FusionWorks, we helped over 100 products to succeed and now we have an exciting offer specifically for startups. We offer dedicated development teams with zero margin — you pay only the expenses — in exchange for shares in your startup.

Apply today to make sure your startup succeeds tomorrow.

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How it works?

Tell us your story and we’ll provide you with the support you need to grow your startup. We see great growth opportunities and are committed to supporting innovative ventures like yours.

After you apply, we’ll set up a quick call to identify your needs and we’ll come back with a cost-efficient offer. I think we all read Lean Startup, right?

Reasons to apply

Cost efficiency
We have a special taxation policy with only a 7% revenue tax. You save up to 30%.
Startup expertise
Being a part of FUSION, you gain access to our expertise in launching successful startups.
We offer teams that can easily upscale and downscale upon your request.
Quality assurance
We are ISO 9001/27001 certified for Quality Management and Data Security.
Full cycle development
From research and prototyping to production and support.
Not an agency
Our team members are direct employees. No subcontractors or agent commissions.

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So let’s start today! We understand how tough startup life may be and we are here to support you. Let’s start the discussion today to make sure we grow fast together.

Submit your request using the button below or email us directly at startups@fusionworks.md.

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