The best version of employees — HOW and WHY

”…the most efficient way to make your employees happy is to understand their needs and mindsets.” — FusionWorks

A happy employee is a productive one. This is why it is very important to understand what makes not any, but YOUR employees happy. Knowing the individual motivators we may share care and strengthen what really matters.

Yes, it is priorly to allocate resources for employees’ motivation. What drives someone starts with communication. An empathic, non-violent (reading recommendation), and assertive one — this is when we learn to understand our employees, not only pretend we do. Mental and physical health at work is totally dependent on the working atmosphere. If you need a healthy employee you have to work on his / her well-being. This is a long process. Do not be scared or afraid when results will need time to be seen. This is normal. Below will be listed some crucial axioms to control and influence your employee motivation and in this way — to help them become the best versions of themselves. All of these were summarized while tested in time, on different employees (the difference was in one or some of these factors: age, gender, interests, temperament, education, and background), and could be used as steps for employee-admiration.

  1. When satisfaction and benefits are in a correlation with work-volumewe see a happy employee. We may easily monitor this correlation with 3 simple tools: 1–1’s, onboardings, performance review (in ideal cases onboardings and performance review meetings will be conducted by TL & HR), questionnaires (with direct questions and metaphorical ones, anonymous and not). Honestly, first in this list is my favorite tool, as during 1-on-1 it is very easy to understand the person you interact with. And this is much more than words. Here every single gesture is special and every single selected topic is crucial. Without a psychological background, things could be a little more challenging, but we are so lucky! A lot of information is available online and after some search and good reading — anyone could coordinate an awesome 1–1. Another advantage is that no 1-on-1 is the same. So, this kind of discussion is fascinating!

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2. Leaders influence employees. All of us need approval, no matter how old or how experienced we are. Being in a room where you have a leader, you need to understand that he/she is here for you. That you may ask anything and you will receive the needed / correct answer. The easiest way to influence your employees positively is to be an example they would love to follow: do not be afraid to ask for help (we are all humans, we all need help sometimes with something, and this is normal), do not doodle from answering questions (even if tricky ones. Find a real response and operate with it). If you want something to be changed, be the first who not only is ready for a change but has already begun this brilliant process: take different tasks, enroll in different pieces of training and projects (why not along with your employees).

3. A constructive, positive, and empathic attitude towards your employees encourages them to express their ideas and visions freely, to communicate as openly as possible, without fear of making mistakes or being judged. They said people never leave jobs, they leave bosses or teams. So help your team be the one everyone dreams to become a part of. Steps to be taken: grow a collaborative work-culture (team responsibility — team decisions, brand bearers while participating in different non-work-related activities), cherish your team (praise concrete behavior, encourage employees individuality, create a context for creativity expressing).

The most important, but at the same time, the most beautiful way to make your employees happy is to understand everyone’s needs and mindsets. Knowing what drives every single employee, investing in his/her wellbeing, we will reach the win-win solution: a happy employee is a productive one, a productive one is a valuable one, a valuable one is the loyal one. Loyal employees are the treasure any respectable company deserves.