UX/UI Design

We specialize in UX/UI, apps, websites, B2B software, and branding. We work closely with our clients to identify and solve problems. We use a human-centered approach and create designs that transform user interactions into a flawless journey.

Fact: we do prototyping, branding research, wireframing and customer interviews before we start the actual design.


To give you a clever solution to your problem, we have to understand rather than assume what the problem is. This means gathering as much data as possible about the product, users, and their day-to-day experience with it. From the beginning, we work together with our clients to make a good brief (vision) of the problems we must solve. To better understand the end-user, we often have to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes physically. This helps us understand their motivations and decisions. Based on it, we build a personal understanding of your product and how to improve its experience.


Once the discovery phase is completed, we will gather the collected data to outline the core problems and potential solutions. This is vital to help us select the best ideas for the functions, features, and interactive elements to help your business solve your customers’ problems. By solving these issues, we can design a better user experience.


Now, the fun part begins! Due to the significant efforts made during the discovery phase, now we have a deep understanding of where your product is falling short. At this phase, the goal is to generate as many ideas as possible, ideas that inspire new, better ones that we can then filter down to the best, most valuable, and promising ones. By growing the solution space, we will be able to look outside the box of usual methods of solving problems, which allows us to find the best, most elegant, and satisfying way to affect the user’s experience of your product.


Thanks to the ideation phase, we now have a suite of design concepts. After choosing the best ones, we can now turn them into a series of prototypes: affordable, essential versions of the service or product. This phase is all about experimentation. Our goal is to recognize the best solutions for the pain points discovered in the first steps. It requires time to explore a diverse range of different options to find out the best one. The methodologies we choose will depend on the nature of your bussines and the results of our previous exploratory steps. Here we focus on product design, practical requirements, features, and limitations of current technology.

Test. Repeat

As you may guess from the title, this phase is all about testing our solutions with prototypes we did in the previous step. This phase also depends on the nature of your business. There are different methods to test a digital product. Usually, it means involving small focus groups of people that can help you prevent it from failing and affecting too many users. Which can limit the financial loss for your business. Repeat.