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A chatbot aimed to revolutionize the recruitment process brings the long-waited Artificial Intelligence solution to the table. XOR is now trusted by companies such as Heineken, Ikea, and McDonalds just to name a few.


We had to design a web platform from scratch where recruiters and managers could attract, engage, and recruit talents easily. The recruiter had to be able to automate most, some, or none of the recruiting process. We had to also think of a way to implement text messaging, calling, video, WhatsApp, and live chat. Tons of features must be implemented. All in one place in a way that is not overwhelming for the recruiter (user).    


We managed to solve lots of concerns and problems that we encounter.  Mostly we used material design philosophy which helped a lot in making the platform so intuitive that almost any user, no matter his / her level of experience could use it.