The solution includes the only underground wireless soil sensor capable of measuring soil moisture, temperature and salinity within each zone of irrigation. The continuous data stream enables UgMO’s intelligent controllers to irrigate precisely based on the requirements of the landscape delivering net savings with no capital purchase.

UgMO is committed to delivering a water savings solution that drives sustainable change in natural resource management practices and outcomes.

Truly knowing our soil connects us to its health and encourages meaningful care.

UgMO develops new technologies that deliver live soil conditions and actionable insights to people who care. UgMO is a dependable partner who supports those people, with people, making responsible actions our shared goal.

UgMO Technologies maintains end-to-end control of every aspect of the solution experience through controlling the product’s research and development, design, manufacturing, software, management, labor, installation, sales, maintenance, warranty and customer service.

Further, UgMO Technologies is a US based company, with its headquarters and manufacturing located in Pennsylvania. The wireless sensors measure soil moisture, temperature and salinity at the root level of the plant in real-time, up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day. This wireless sensor data is transmitted to the UgMO Irrigation Controller, which utilizes its patented, watering algorithms to deliver only the correct amount of water the landscaping needs, zone-by-zone.

The UG1000 system breaks the traditional watering schedule paradigm. There are no cycle times to set and no complex site variables to enter. Just tell the system when its allowed to water and using the sensor data, UgMO does the rest. The controller is also fully software upgradeable to incorporate future features. The UG1000 can be combined with the advanced UgMO Knows web-based software platform for sophisticated agronomic analytics, environmental monitoring, leak detection and remote configuration and control.

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