Tenderpilot makes your purchase easier, faster, more cost-effective, more effective and more efficient. And the client concentrates on more exciting tasks.

The solution

As a buyer, do you know spontaneously who your top 3 suppliers are by volume? Or which product group caused the most material costs? Or how high is the logistics share in the material costs?

The truth is: Purchasing in healthcare facilities, in production or in retail is nowadays opaque, expensive, slow, insecure and cumbersome.

And now the time is ripe: Purchasing and procurement are increasingly beginning to digitize, which enables cheaper solutions and “personnel-neutral” savings.

For buyers

Clear, lean processes, transparency, quick and easy processes, lower costs and the certainty that they have always chosen the best possible offer – that is what many buyers want. And this is exactly where Tenderpilot comes in.

For suppliers

Non-transparent processes and a lack of an overview of the entire purchasing department often make it impossible for suppliers to keep up with the competition in the long term. Discover a fair, transparent marketplace where you can win new customers at the push of a button!

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