Online service that lets you check your bank account balance, transaction history, credit and deposit history, bank messages, exchange, and other banking features. A secure responsive web banking solution, including deep integration with the bank API.


The old fincompay website had an outdated and inconsistent user interface both on desktop and mobile. Some features that have become a standard in the bank industry have been missing and could not be added in the context of the old UI. 

Also, the technology on which the website was built was slow and outdated.


The main goal of the project was to organize the multitude of existing or upcoming features and contents in a structured way, therefore a lot of emphases was put on Information Architecture. After the structure and hierarchy were tested with existing and new users, the responsibility was to create an accessible and intuitive user interface. Getting feedback from users suggested that most people are not familiar with the banking jargon so we have to solve that through the use of simple vocabulary and explanation of certain features or concepts in the app. Besides the modern user interface the project was written as a single page application that delivers a seamless experience and fast loading times.

Angular PHP