Viar.Live – Shaping the Future of Extended Reality

Apr 14, 2023
4 min read

Our startup Viar.Live joined the XR Acceleration Program where we will receive €100,000 investment from Startup Wise Guys. We can proudly say that Viar.Live is one of the startups shaping the future of extended reality

What is Viar.Live? 

Viar.Live is the easiest way to create and share 360˚ virtual reality tours. The system turns every photographer into a VR content producer and makes it super easy to implement VR into blogs, websites, and mobile apps. 

Our product helps real estate agents, hotels, museums and galleries bring their spaces to Virtual Reality. Viar.Live is part of the FusionWorks universe. 

Viar.Live at Wise Guys XR Startup Accelerator – Malaga

Ghennadi Ganebyi (CTO) and Nicholas Opopol (CPO) traveled to Malaga in order to meet organizers and other extended reality startups of Europe’s leading B2B accelerator Startup Wise Guys. The Wise Guys XR Startup Accelerator united 8 startups from Europe, the US and Canada. The goal of the program is to get the initial investment and advance after 5 months of the long fast-paced intensive mentoring program that comes with one-on-ones with mentors, coaches, and guest industry experts.

During the 2 weeks that the Viar.Live team spent in Malaga, they strengthened their knowledge in different areas that were delivered during workshops:

  • Presenting on the stage and tailor-making your pitch to suit specific environments – helped our team become more aware of their stage presence and get rid of the blocks. 
  • Testing our current pricing and understanding different tiers of pricing as our startup scales – helped us validate our pricing model and improve it. 
  • Doing financial planning and managing finances on an ongoing basis – helped us refresh our knowledge of financial planning and preparing the financials while learning about doing 3-year planning for startups.  

They had the pleasure of meeting extraordinary mentors who delivered these workshops and guided us through the process. Stoyan Yankov and Cristobal Alonso are both authors of the “PERFORM – The Unsexy Truth About (Startup) Success”, a book that helps startup founders reach the desired performance. Cristobal is also the CEO, or as he calls it “el Patron”, of the Startup Wise Guys. While Stoyan is also the host of the podcast Productivity Mastery and a managing partner at Samodiva Mastermind. Another coach that pleasantly surprised our guys was Dan le Man who helped Nicholas get better at pitching. Dan, with 20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, has a unique and complex approach that allows you to have full control of yourself during any public appearance. 

A pleasant surprise was the fact that all the workshops took place at Polo Digital, a space for innovation that generates a strong ecosystem around Video Games, Virtual Reality and Audiovisual Production (Media & Entertainment).

Now, what?

Since then, our team ended the first Market Engineering sprint focused on increasing startup future sales as well as their uniqueness and attractiveness in the eyes of investors. At the end of the sprint, we presented the polished business model of Viar.Live. We’re also implementing step-by-step goals that we mapped out during the Strategy Session, including experimenting to find a niche. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the Viar.Live journey!