Stockholm Tech Show 2024: Insights from FusionWorks

May 30, 2024

FusionWorks is pleased to announce our CTO and Co-Founder’s successful attendance at the 2024 Stockholm Tech Show, Sweden’s largest and most prominent meeting for the high-tech sector. FusionWorks showcased their cutting-edge solutions and engaged with industry professionals at the event, which promotes new business prospects and innovations.

The highlight of our participation was a lively panel discussion presented by PropTech Sweden. Our CTO Genadii Ganebnyi was a speaker on the panel, which discussed the future of office spaces in an era where hybrid work has become the accepted norm. This fascinating conversation gave an opportunity to exchange views and debate the disruptive themes that are changing the modern workplace.

During his visit to Kista Science City, a powerhouse for innovation and research, Genadii acquired vital insights into RISE’s (Research Institutes of Sweden) breakthrough initiatives in cybersecurity and AI. The sharing of ideas and investigation of innovative technologies reaffirmed FusionWorks’ determination to be at the forefront of innovation in these crucial areas.

Our CTO took the stage to introduce FusionWorks, presenting our newest technologies and future vision. The talk drew a broad audience, including the Moldova Ambassador and Sweden’s State Secretary, who were eager to learn about FusionWorks’ accomplishments in the cybersecurity and green energy sectors.

Furthermore, the event enabled important discussions with a variety of Swedish firms specializing in cybersecurity and green energy, offering an ideal chance to explore new cooperation. Among these connections was a remarkable meeting with the creator of Lectogo, which sparked conversations about potential opportunities.

FusionWorks has found the Stockholm Tech Show 2024 to be both exciting and motivating. We are happy to use the insights and connections gained at this event to advance our objective of encouraging innovation and excellence in the high-tech sector.