Get to know our product – Dely.IO – automated delivery and e-commerce platform

Jul 21, 2022
4 min read

Each of us has ordered products with delivery at least once, not having to leave the comfort of our house. Delivery services have become extremely popular and, although it was considered that with the withdrawal of the pandemic this hype will disappear, the reality is different.

The Dely.IO team combined their passion for design, programming and pizza to create a special platform for e-commerce and delivery. Since its launch, the platform has been continuously developing and exploring new functionalities to make the experience of the user and the end customer as pleasant as possible.

Below is the interview of the product’s CEO Anton Perkin for Startup Moldova, the startup’s co-founder, about his idea and the process he went through to achieve success.

Startup Moldova: Describe your startup in 2-5 sentences. How do you want the public to remember you?

Anton Perkin: DELY is the e-commerce and delivery platform that includes the solutions for an enterprise to run its business. DELY has a set of white-label software including mobile and web applications, driver apps, merchant apps and order management system.

Startup Moldova: What makes you special? What innovative solution does your startup offer?

Anton Perkin: We’ve created an automatic delivery platform like Uber Eats or Doordash that allows people to order in 60 seconds and the delivery is being made in 15-30 minutes. This is achieved by big data analysis and automatic AI algorithms implemented throughout the platform. Also one of our key features is an automated courier delivery system with a load balancer and the ability to connect 3rd party networks. A great thing to know is that we already implemented integrations with big global players like Mcdonald’s, KFC, Mastercard, Philip Morris and others.

Another big reason to work with us is that we have the expertise in launching and running Delivery Marketplaces as our own companies and we are ready to share the experience we have.

Startup Moldova: Where did the idea of this startup come from, from what necessity?

Anton Perkin: In 2020, when the pandemic started, we launched the UberEats-like solution – a food delivery marketplace – in Moldova ( As the delivery business started to grow fast and the new habits of massively ordering online were formed worldwide, we decided to provide our software as a white-label solution for other businesses. So this is how the local startup grew into an international B2B platform. 

Startup Moldova: What difficulties did you encounter along the way?

Anton Perkin: The e-commerce and delivery ecosystem is rather big and it took quite a lot of time and resources to develop and test all its components. Also different business have their own requirements towards the system, so adding the new features and fulfilling their requests is quite challenging.

Startup Moldova: Who is your target customer?

Anton Perkin: Our main customers are small and medium businesses that sell and/or deliver online. The other group of our potential clients are marketplace businesses, who want to offer the platform for their partners. Currently we have the customers in Romania and Moldova and we are negotiating with a number of companies from both South and North America, Europe and Asia. 

Startup Moldova: Did you manage to attract investments in a startup? How? From whom?

Anton Perkin: Currently we are using the funds from our own company – FusionWorks – and for now we’ve invested around €200 000. 

Startup Moldova: Introduce us to your team.

Anton Perkin: We are 11, including me as CEO and Genadii as CTO and a great team of developers, managers, designers and testers. Having a full-cycle product development team with solid e-commerce experience helps as deliver a really sophisticated product.

Startup Moldova: What are your plans for growth and development?

Anton Perkin: Currently, we are working in 3 directions:

  • Attract investments to speed up the development and marketing process.
  • Development of the new features to have a more sophisticated product.
  • Looking for new customers for our platform.