FusionWorks Wins Special Jury Prize for the Next Generation Outstaffing at Moldova Innovation Awards ’23

Jun 16, 2023

FusionWorks, a leading software development company that focuses on outstaffing services and full-cycle product development, has been honored with the Special Jury Prize for Next Generation Outstaffing at the prestigious Moldova Innovation Awards ’23. The award ceremony, which took place during the Moldova Digital Summit, recognized the commitment of FusionWorks to building an innovative ecosystem and disrupting the outstaffing industry.

Moldova Innovation Awards (MIA), a key innovation event in the tech sector of Moldova, aims to endorse local firms, promote innovation, and unveil hidden champions within the country. This year, the event featured a rigorous evaluation process where a panel of nine esteemed international and Moldovan experts assessed each nomination.

The independent jury scrutinized numerous aspects of the nominated companies, including their innovative approaches, business models, and potential impact on the industry. FusionWorks emerged as a standout contestant with their Next Generation Outstaffing model, captivating the jury’s attention with its unique and forward-thinking approach.

The four-stage evaluation process involved a comprehensive review of each nominee’s achievements, followed by a captivating pitch where Anton Perkin, CEO at FusionWorks, showcased the company’s innovative model of Next Generation Outstaffing. The final stage culminated in the highly anticipated award ceremony, where FusionWorks was presented with the Special Jury Prize.

The Next Generation Outstaffing, a concept pioneered by FusionWorks, represents a disruptive shift in the outstaffing industry. Unlike traditional outstaffing models, FusionWorks offers experienced dedicated teams who speak your language, accommodate your business hours and share your culture to provide a seamless and efficient outsourcing experience. This innovative model allows companies to maintain full control over their projects, resulting in improved productivity, cost-effectiveness, and faster time-to-market.

“We are incredibly honored to receive the Special Jury Prize for the Next Generation Outstaffing at the Moldova Innovation Awards ’23,” said Anton Perkin, CEO at FusionWorks. “This recognition is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation and driving positive change in the industry. We believe that by embracing emerging technologies and new business models, we can reshape the outstaffing landscape and empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.”

The Special Jury Prize for Next Generation Outstaffing recognizes FusionWorks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of outstaffing services and establishing itself as a leader in the industry. With their dedication to innovation, FusionWorks continues to revolutionize the way companies engage with outsourced talent, providing a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.