FusionWorks is against the war and helps refugees

Feb 25, 2022

FusionWorks is against war of any kind.

We are ready to offer help to people from the affected regions. The assistance we may provide includes but is not limited to:

– help with finding apartments to rent here in Moldova;

– a place to temporarily stay during the day (catering is on us);

– office spaces to work (we don’t care for which company);

– psychological help.

Please, contact us in private messages or via info@fusionworks.md to request assistance.

Below are some important links that can help:

– How to ask for refuge in Moldova: https://bit.ly/34ZMxnB

– Groups that offer help: https://bit.ly/3pcqwZE

Meanwhile, we’ll be sending portions of material help to the refugee centers.

Let’s stay together.