FusionWorks Explores New Horizons in Sweden: A Journey of Collaboration and Innovation

Nov 14, 2023

FusionWorks is thrilled to share the exciting journey of our Co-Founders, Gennadii Ganebnyi and Stanislav Djandjgava, who had the distinct pleasure of participating in the “Export to Sweden Market” program in Stockholm. This initiative, organized by Kommerskollegium | National Board of Trade Sweden and Invest Moldova agency, brought together 12 dynamic tech companies from Moldova, creating a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and exploration of new opportunities in the Swedish market.

The visit was a comprehensive experience, featuring informative sessions, enriching networking opportunities, and captivating study visits to key locations in Stockholm, including Kista Science City, the Embassy of Moldova in Sweden, and the renowned Vasa Museum. These engagements provided invaluable insights into the Swedish tech landscape and its potential for collaboration with Moldovan companies.

A highlight of the trip was the opportunity to meet Her Excellency Mrs. Liliana Gutan, the Ambassador of Moldova to Sweden. Her dedication to fostering new opportunities for Moldova in the Nordic region is truly remarkable, and her insights have been instrumental in shaping the discussions during the program.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Luminița-Dorina Gudima, Thomas Alveteg, Linda Rydén, Mikael Wällstedt, and the other organizers who played pivotal roles in bringing this program to fruition. Their commitment to fostering international collaboration is evident, and we are grateful for the seamless execution of this initiative.

Cheers to our fellow tech companies—AlfaSoft, Bend, Planton Solutions, Powerit Development, EBS Integrator, smartdata, Oneest, MoldStud, AlsoDev, Automate, and Bloomcoding. As always, we take pride in promoting Moldova alongside you, collectively showcasing the innovation, talent, and potential that our country has to offer on the global stage.

At FusionWorks, we see this program as more than just an exploration of the Swedish market; it is a testament to the strength of collaboration, the power of knowledge exchange, and the boundless opportunities that arise when like-minded tech companies come together. We look forward to leveraging the insights gained from this experience to further contribute to the growth and success of both the Moldovan and Swedish tech ecosystems.