Being a CEO sucks

In a short video, I’ve talked about why being a CEO sucks and why you’ll love this job. And we are talking about the CEO not only of a company but also about life in general — everywhere where you feel the ownership.

Some highlight thoughts before you watch:
  • any fuckup is your fuckup;
  • you are an Emergency;

Even if the doctor says your 2-week-old child is in serious condition, you have to solve a C-level urgent riddle the same day;

  • flexible hours = congrats, you may work anytime, any day;
  • remote work possibility = you are lucky, you may do your job while on vacation;

Tonight you get a concussion of the brain, a fracture of the facial bone, half of the face looks like a boxer after a champion fight — you participate in the meeting the next morning;

  • you can’t digest the word “problem” anymore. “Issue” is more or less OK, but preferably should come with the word “solution”;
  • you do this not because it’s that vital, but because you feel ownership. And this should not be only about being a CEO, it’s about being a developer, a friend, a father;
  • you have lots of supporters, indeed;
  • there is a strong reason to be a CEO!

Enjoy the video!