Game Development

We offer mobile game development services and transform your game idea into a sophisticated released product. We are mixing creativity, dedication and hard work to create games that will attract players and make play them day and night.

Fact: we build for iOS and Android platforms, and do a full cycle from ideation to going to the market.

Research & prototyping

Developing the game starts from your main game concept. To make sure that future development will not be compromised, research and porotype are the key aspects that have to be taken care of beforehand. We focus on fast prototyping and mechanics research in order to make sure that your concepts can be tested fast and with minimal financial risk.

Full cycle game development

Starting from the concept, we develop your game through its alpha and beta versions to its first release and beyond!

We offer a full cycle production of the game starting from concept to its post-release support. As a team of experts with vast experience and creativity, we will help make your gaming dream and the most daring ideas come true.

  • Unity
  • Cross-platform development
  • Server architecture

Art production

We help turn ideas into stunning video game art. Our creative team finds a unique approach to every single project to finetune vibrant visuals, compelling animations and entertaining game assets that will satisfy the eye and keep the player’s attention. We guarantee the best performance through superb optimization of the game assets.

  • Concept Art
  • Illustration
  • 2D Art & UI Design
  • Animation

Game Design

Compelling player experience and fun game mechanics are our team’s prior focus. You can pick our expertise in many design aspects in order to boost your games’ CPIs. Increasing player retention through mechanics optimization or extending your game life cycle with a well-assembled game balance. Our Game Design department is always aware of the industry standards, ensuring the creation of a dynamic and immersive game experience based on a proper mix of aesthetics and mechanics.

  • Prototypes Analysis
  • Game Concepts Elaboration
  • Story/Narrative Design
  • Level Design
  • GDD 
  • Economy and Balance

Game live operations

We continue to provide support and maintenance for the game even after its release. It’s done by tracking game analytics and events, monitoring reviews, fixing bugs, and optimizing balance and game mechanics to perfectly fit the players’ expectations in order to increase retention and prolong the lifetime of the game.

  • Server administration
  • Game analytics
  • User retention
  • Metrics analysis

Mobile game testing

To have a qualitative development, our testing and quality assurance team works with development hand in hand by agile workflow, ensuring that any issue gets identified early and solved in a circled flow manner. Every technical aspect such as performance, gameplay mechanics, UX and UI is taken care of by our team.