Rumi Defence: Dodge & Crash

Protect your village, power up your heroes and destroy monsters!

Are you looking for some thrilling defense game?
Hard to find some real action experience?

We have the perfect combination of action and defense mechanics that will test your reaction and wit. Beautiful locations filled with an insane amount of foes awaiting to be discovered.

Different heroes to be mastered, upgraded and led into a fight filled with an epic soundtrack that will give you the chills.

Spend some time with us in this vivid world filled with epic stone creatures and powerful heroes. Who knows, maybe you are the one that can defend our world against the unknown enemy that brings destruction.

* Easy and simple gameplay
* Extraordinary heroes with unique skills
* Insane Boss fights
* Lots of enemies
* Level up and strengthen the hero
* Explore beautiful villages
* Piles of unique power-ups to help your journey

We challenge you to be a Rumi Defender!