Digital Marketing Expert and HR assistant

Seniority level
Middle, Junior
Employment type
Full-Time, Part-Time


  • Posting on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), 2-5 weekly posts (the SMM planning will be done once per month, and agreed with Management Board, using slack channel #marketing);
  • Conduct a News section on our site, with 2-3 monthly posts (planned within 1-2 weeks ahead and agreed with Management Board, using slack channel #marketing);
  • Posting Medium articles, upon request (1-5 monthly);
  • Boosting posts and articles according to the allocated budget - actions and results reported weekly;
  • Searching the opportunities for partnering IT events in Moldova - status reported twice per month;
  • Managing and implementing Marketing Strategy;
  • Concrete actions in Employee Branding Field (agreed with Management Board);
  • Assist HR Department on a daily basis (paperwork; scheduling and planning events; conduct meetings; etc);
  • The communication (written and verbal) will be exclusively in English, so the C1 level is required.

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I have been informed about the Regulation on the processing of information containing personal data in the human resources record system ( Regulamentul privind prelucrarea informațiilor ce conțin date cu caracter personal în sistemul de evidență resurse umane* ) of SC ”AG Computer” SRL and I agree with the processing of my personal data in the Record System.

Benefits and perks

  • Mobile Internet and conversations: 11GB of Internet + 300 minutes per month
  • Loyalty bonus: money bonus worth 1 working day per each year worked in the company.
  • Food & transport bonus: 50MDL per day worked in the office.
  • Education: free professional online courses and certifications
  • Extended medical insurance. Be compensated for additional health related expenses.
  • Fresh fruits, yogurts, milk and pizza deliveries throughout the week. Tasty coffee 24/7.
  • Electric transport for daily usage for personal trips.
  • English courses two times a week, bonuses for fitness, football games.
  • Visit local IT conferences for free and travel opportunities to EU and USA.
  • Regular team building at least twice per year