Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, we encourage you to explore the world of Big Data and stretch the capabilities of our tools. We want you to embark in the driving seat of the Advanced Analytics future and build the most exciting and innovating Machine Learning models. You will wonder in the world of open-source programming languages like Python and R and integrate yourself in the Hadoop unlimited possibilities combined with the power of the Spark framework. Together, you will combine powers and deliver the Best Banking Experience for our clients. We want you to take charge and bring new ideas, new projects, and new technologies to the table.


Responsibilities & Summary of the role
  • Machine Learning driven models development; 
  • Business inquire regarding future model developments;
  • Develop and maintain reports regarding the model performances;
  • Data Sources discovery and manipulation;
  • Production integration for developed models;
  • Results communication by translating insights into business value.
  Your Profile:
  • A degree with strong fundamentals in mathematics or computer science or other related fields;
  • 3+ years experience working in a data science related role in a commercial environment (financial and banking would be a plus);
  • Very good knowledge about statistics including distributions, correlations, probabilities, hypothesis testing etc;
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms and techniques (dimensionality reduction, classification, clustering, regression, time series, association rules etc);
  • In-depth knowledge of industry-standard techniques for data processing, analysis, and reporting (SQL);
  • Very good experience with Python including Sklearn/Statsmodels/Pandas/Numpy/Scipy/etc (any other experience in using scripting programming would be a plus);
  • Experience with ML/Ops, CI/CD pipelines will be a plus.

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Benefits and perks

  • Mobile Internet and conversations: 11GB of Internet + 300 minutes per month
  • Loyalty bonus: money bonus worth 1 working day per each year worked in the company.
  • Food & transport bonus: 50MDL per day worked in the office.
  • Education: free professional online courses and certifications
  • Extended medical insurance. Be compensated for additional health related expenses.
  • Fresh fruits, yogurts, milk and pizza deliveries throughout the week. Tasty coffee 24/7.
  • Electric transport for daily usage for personal trips.
  • English courses two times a week, bonuses for fitness, football games.
  • Visit local IT conferences for free and travel opportunities to EU and USA.
  • Regular team building at least twice per year